Tachi - this is not just a cool and expensive blade, it is more like a work of art for playing table tennis. It is handmade from manually selected layers of wood of the highest quality. What is its peculiarity and the greatest value? It is a rare type of construction with really different properties and speeds of the sides.

As you can see in the photo, the right side (attacking one) has a thick layer of fast dense tree, giving a quick rebound and the powerful attack. While the BH above the central thick layer of soft balsa has only a thin and slow layer of wood. Due to this, the BH has a much weaker rebound than the FH, and it is much softer.

Therefore, when playing with long pips OX, the BH gives a short, low, floating jump off, which is very uncomfortable for attacks. Playing with the BH provides very high accuracy in various moves. Block against loop is also very uncomfortable and disgusting for the opponent. Especially it is worth to note the heavy underspin that gives the BH when chopping against loop, due to its softness and special properties.

Tachi's base looks stylish and expensive. Very comfortable in hand. Blades from Re-Impact can be ordered with much more flexible tuning than the blades of other manufactures: you can choose the desired blade size, handle size, grip type.