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TT common misbeliefs The real facts
Equipment is crucial. Equipment does matter, but it is not SO important. Footwork, technique and a tactical, cool head are. But of course they can't be improved by spending a few bucks.
Regluing is needed when you get to a certain level. Yes - regluing is needed at certain level, but are you SURE that you have reached that level?
Get the faster equipment available, and you'll learn to control it with time and practice. You have to use equipment that you can handle, and when you are confident enough and your strokes have developped, move to a faster equipment (if that's what YOU want).
Serve from your extreme backhand, doing a ultra high toss and a cool circular motion to serve, with a super-special modified grip, and turn the light off when serving so your opponents can't see anything. try all possible combinations for serve and find what works best for you. Pendulum serves are good, but you could find yourself playing more effectively with other serves.
Pips out or antispin can cover a weak backhand. Pips or antispin won't allow a players' backhand (and very often his overall play) to improve if used with this purpose.
Long pips or antispin are cheating. Long pips or antispin are legal. YOUR SERVES are cheating, since they are illegal.
train always with your buddy FH to FH and BH to BH so you look like you could play. Practice against the players that always beat you badly. Find a partner who moves you around, and learn to rally.
Practice your loops against your buddy, so both of you always have awesome all-attack rallies. Practice your loops against a chopper and you'll improve 200%.
You need a full set of TT t-shirt, pants, jumpsuits, jacket, socks, racket cases, bags, and a special Stiga towel to play. BWAHAHAHA! No, seriously: There are lots of people in this world that need your money much more.
Before playing, you have to put your TT shoes, reglue and clean your rubbers, and select the best three star ball among your collection. Before playing, you should warm-up.
After playing, take care of your rubbers: clean them and use protector film to save them from dirt or dust. After playing, you should do some stretching.
Spend 1h FH looping before a match and you'll see the results. Spend 5 min. pushing, 5 min. chopping and 5 min. blocking and you'll see the results
You lost the match. Your opponent WON you the match.
You can win that guy with that weird style. Obviously you can't see yourself playing.
You can loop any ball on your FH. You don't even know how to FH block or push.
You have to serve to your opponent's backhand all the time. Don't dare to serve to his forehand! You should DECIDE tactically where to serve.
There are two types of TT players: serious TT players and 'the other' players. There are two type of players: The ones who judge other players and puts them labels, and the ones who don't.
That guy beat you because of his funny spins. No spin is funny. The only thing funny here is that you can't read the spin.
Your blade is too stiff, you need to change it. You can't play with this one. Also, your rubber is almost 5 months old, and your game is completely ruined by it. Wow. You gotta be REALLY GOOD to notice this kind ot things... How many national tittles did you won? Oh, wait - someone SO GOOD would adapt to it and play OK!
You are weak against defensive players. You got no clue on how to play them or his equipment, uh?
You haven't reglued today / Your rubbers are too old / Your rubbers are too new / It's your other racket / This ball is not a 3 star nittaku / The table is too slow ... You need some sorry excuses in case you loose. Samsonov would win your opponents in any conditions, so the difference is not in the equipment: it's the player.
Your opponent was very lucky today. He probably took his chances and AIMED his shots. If not, it's your fault to not return an edge.
Lobbing / defence / whatever is not the way to play. Oh! did you invent this game? well thank you very much sir, it's very fun! Hey, wait - How old are you?
Your opponent is raising the net again. He's probably putting it at the height that the RULES state.
Speedglue is harmless. Read it's can, for god's sake!
Butterfly make the best blades. Your skills are not so good to allow you to notice this. You just read the brand name and have an erection.
You need the best blades to play at your best. Your skills are not even closer to what it takes to take profit of this. All is in your mind.
You don't play with the kids. You don't want to make a kid happy. You're not santa claus, definitely.
You don't play with the vets. They force you to rally, right?
You only play with your TT buddies. You can't loose with a non TT buddy of yours.
Your serves are legal. Your serves are NOT CALLED illegal. It's not the same thing.
You loop FH better because it's your natural stroke. You loop FH better because you trained it much more than anything else.
You deserved to won that match. You lost because you deserved it.
You opponent won you because of his old / tricky / whatever rubber. You wouldn't won your opponent if YOU were using that rubber.
That guy plays with wristy strokes, and uses his backhand all the time. ha ha! No umpire will ever puntuate a player style or looks.
You have to smash hard all lobs. You should decide what to do and play the ball using your brain.
You almost won that match. Your defeat is even bigger since you really had the chance of winning.
This list is offensive. This list is MY oppinion, exposed as closely to my feelings as it can be. With other words it wouldn't be HONEST to write this down.
This list is cool. This list is about YOU.